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Broaden Your Marketing Scope with Search Engine Marketing Programs

Search Engine Marketing (often referred to asPay-Per-Click) is a powerful tool to quickly generate targeted visitors to your site. From researching and selecting the right keywords to organizing those keywords into an effective campaign, a winning SEM campaign will place your ad in relevant search engine results to generate clicks to your website. Our team has achieved the Google Partner Badge and is recognized for their expertise. We take the extra steps required to deliver efficient and effective campaigns and monitor success down to true customer engagement.

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Search Engine Marketing, more commonly known as SEM, an ideal way by which you can increase traffic to your website based on user intent. It doesn’t matter whether you are starting a new business or improving the online presence for your already existing company, a properly executed SEM strategy can help boost your sales and presence. There are numerous companies that provide the services of search engine marketing in Augusta, Atlanta and the southeast, but working with one that is knowledgeable and effective can be the difference between making money and throwing it out the window. CWR Digital has years of experience and a highly trained staff that can maximize your SEM campaign to get  the most ROI for your business.

The Benefit of SEM with CWR Digital

A well established and reputable business or company can easily attract a large number of customers but are always looking to expand their reach; while smaller businesses often need more help getting the attention of potential customers. Whatever the case, a properly thought out and executed SEM plan can help achieve those goals.

SEM targets users and potential customers specifically for your products or services when they are most interested. This is done by showing ads related to your business to users based on the keyword(s) they’ve entered into search engines.

Compete on a Larger Scale with SEM

Think for a second, what happens whenever you write anything in a search bar? You get a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) based on your query. This page will contain ads, maps, organic search results and often a Knowledge Map. Despite the many options, people tend to click on and investigate the options the see first.

With SEM, your business can often compete for those top positions against bigger and more established companies with the right planning.

Utilize Search Engine Marketing keyword research

Understanding how to utilize keywords is important in running an SEM campaign. Many businesses will do some initial keyword research then become intimidated when they find keywords they’re interested in can have a high CPC (cost per click). Seeing this, many small businesses will back away from SEM. This is where having a real strategy comes into play and working with a company that understands this can present opportunities that may not be immediately apparent to novices.

The most familiar keywords will, in general, be increasingly costly for small organizations, but the most common and familiar keywords aren’t always the best.

Let’s say you own a small Italian restaurant. Initially, the keyword “restaurants” would seem like a keyword. Upon doing some research you find the term “restaurants” is very expensive. This is where understanding the difference between the keywords and long tail keywords come in. Long tail keywords are keyword phrases that are more specific. So instead of focusing on the term “restaurants” and better phrase to target would be “Italian restaurants”. This term will not only be less expensive, it also targets people directly interested in what you have to offer. Other tactics such as adding locations, bid optimization, device targeting, building up landing pages and site optimization (which ties into SEO practices and is something you should also be doing) will help make SEM advertising more affordable and effective for your business.

Lastly, properly run SEM will not only help in generating sales for ads, but also aids the performance of other online marketing tactics such as remarketing and even SEO.

Working with a partner that fully understands how to utilize and full range of tactics in an SEM campaign is imperative for the success and growth of any business. Get in touch with CWR Digital if you business is in need of Search Engine Marketing.


SEM is one of  the best ways for increasing the visibility of your website in SERP’s, by placing your ad at the top of search pages where customers will see it. Proper wording and use of extensions also increase the visibility of your ads, bringing them and your business more attention.