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Market Your Business with Cinematic & Animated Videos from CWR Digital

Our Video Marketing Services get your message across quickly and effectively with a cinematic social media video, commercial, or animated video. Our team takes complex ideas and converts them into a production of simple, fascinating stories to bring out the right response from your audience. The color, style, and pacing work in harmony with your brand to tell a great story.

Why use video marketing?

What styles of video do we offer?
We're glad you asked!

Social Post

Great for Instagram reels,
YouTube shorts, TikTok and more!

5 - 30 Seconds

This is a short video option that is used to quickly explain a product or service, or to show off a product or location.  With minimalistic editing, this gives a more personal experience to your followers. Show off your storefront, a new product, or let people meet your team!

Short-Form Ad

Great for Sponsored Posts, YouTube
ads, and other social advertising!

30 - 60 Seconds

Advertise your business in style! Speak to your viewers about your product or service and tell them what you have to offer. Stylized editing will give a more refined look to your video, and b-roll of what you do and offer will give a great visual to why people should spend their money with you! 

Cinematic Video

Great for YouTube, longer ad slots,
and streaming or tv commercials

30 - 90 Seconds

With advanced color grading, pro editing, and a little fancy camera work, this is a style of video seen in most TV commercials and high end advertisements. Make a statement, present your product or service at its best, and display the process of how good you are at what you do!

Additional Options

We can also provide personalized quotes for any of the following:

Never been on camera before?

Don't worry!
Here's what to expect during the process


We will schedule a Zoom or phone meeting to obtain a complete understanding of your ideas for the video and what you want the final product to look like. We will work together on organizing actors/interviewees, scripts, shots, storyboard, and any other planning necessary to ensure a smooth and organized day of filming. Once all planning is complete, we will schedule a day and timeframe to film with you, and send you the filming schedule so you know what to expect on the upcoming day of filming!

Day of Filming

On the day of filming, make sure everyone is prepared to be on camera. Make-up, hair, and wardrobe consultants will cost extra! Please be patient during the day of filming, great videos take time to get the perfect shots! Expect to repeat the same lines multiple times, camera operators to film the same thing over and over, and a little downtime for review between shots to make sure everything was captured in the best way. Repetition ensures we won’t have to backtrack.


After the day of filming, we will begin editing all of the video we took. We might be reaching out for your opinions, and getting your feedback to make sure you will be happy with the final product. Expect 1-2 weeks of post-production for shorter videos, and 2-4 weeks for packages and larger videos. We have thousands of clips and tiny adjustments to make, so bear with us! We want your final product to be EXACTLY what you want. We will allow up to 3 revisions after post-production before releasing the final product, so make sure you give any and all feedback during post-production before the revisions start counting. 

Contact us today with your ideas and watch us bring them to life!