CWR Digital

Programmatic Advertising

Smart Highly-Targeted
Audience Delivery for Marketers

At CWR Digital we provide a wide variety of digital marketing products to fit your campaign goals. Reach consumers across display, mobile, video, social networks, mobile apps, and more. This will save you money and time on your marketing efforts. Contact us anytime to get started with some of our products on your next ad campaign.

Mobile Hyper Local Targeting
(Geo Fencing)

Hyper-local targeting from CWR Digital allows you to target users based on real-time location data on smartphones and other GPS enabled devices.

Geo Fencing allows you to target users at a specific location and to target users who fall within a certain radius of that point of interest. This product includes conquesting by targeting competitor locations.

Search Retargeting

Reach more researchers, more often, and more effectively with industry leading keyword level search retargeting. Keyword level search retargeting enables advertisers to combine the effectiveness of search with the reach and brand impact of display.

Site Retargeting

CWR Digital site retargeting targets users who have already visited your site, while they are visiting other sites across the web. Site retargeting is a highly effective method of converting site visitors into purchasers.

Contextual Targeting

Engage new customers by showing them ads that stir up interest in the content they are already consuming. Contextual Targeting looks at the category of the current page a person is viewing and then serves them ads that are highly connected with, or related to that content. Viewers only see ads they are interested in, and you only serve valuable impressions to the right viewers.

Targeted Video

Targeted video ads are used to engage new users across premium publishers. Targeted video is an excellent media for reaching users via desktops and mobile devices.

Programmatic Native

Programmatic Native provides you with a simple, scalable solution that adds a personal touch to your advertising to tell a consistent story across devices. Programmatic Native is an ad unit that aligns itself with the look and feel of the webpage.


Advertisement for Digital Radio

CWR Digital offers impactful radio ads delivered to listeners in between songs that enable brands to connect with users with a two-way engagement far superior to radio.

Reaching engaged users during brief musical breaks as they eagerly await the next song. An audio ad is accompanied by a clickable visual presence, offering increased engagement.

Advanced TV

Expand Your TV Advertising to Streaming Services

TV viewers have access to quality content on nearly every device and around every corner. We simplify device fragmentation and aggregate all the moving pieces of your Advanced TV campaign. This creates a seamless delivery to TV viewers whether you’re reaching them on their TV, tablet, laptop, smartphone or all four.

IP Retargeting

One-to-One, Multi-Platform Advertising with IP Retargeting

An IP address is a way to connect businesses and marketers to their customers and prospects with a new approach to online advertising. We match physical addresses to IP addresses with extreme precision with our offline data onboarding capabilities and one-to-one marketing technology to offer multi-platform personalized interactions. Target and reach individual customers with IP Targeting from CWR Digital.

Weather Targeting

Advertise to your customer base customized to their current needs

Weather targeting allows you to trigger ads based on any type of weather. Displays ads when conditions resonate with your product or services and pause ads when the weather is not conducive to clicks and sales.